All cars require scheduled maintenance. Some is by mileage, others by calendar. Still others have an onboard maintenance timing system. We can service and reset the reminders on your vehicle. Any scheduled maintenance will be done with quality parts and fluids that meet or exceed the manufacturers ratings. We also offer a maintenance plan for your particular vehicle(or fleet) so as to tailor any services to the particular needs of your driving. This way, repair visits are reduced, since any developing issues may be forestalled at the maintenance visit. Another thing to keep in mind. A well maintained vehicle requires less repairs as  the purpose of maintenance is to prevent the likelihood of an actual repair.

Typical maintenance services

  • Oil\filter services
  • Tire rotations & Balancing
  • Automatic transmission service(yes, even those with “Lifetime” fluid)
  • Braking system flush
  • Alignment (this is very important)
  • Filter replacements(Air, Fuel, Cabin, etc)
  • Belt adjust(for vehicles requiring this)
  • Headlamp adjust\Adaptation (looking for squirrels?)
  • Lubrication of door hinges, locks, hood, trunk and sunroof

Typical Inspections

  • Brake Inspection
  • Tires
  • Engine bay inspection(leaks, debris)
  • Exterior light inspections(for vehicles without onboard check systems)
  • Full computer system scan (for faults)
  • Undercarriage Inspection
  • Seatbelt and restraint operation\condition
  • Exhaust

Maintenance as you can see is the key to keeping ones vehicle in good condition and ready to be driven anywhere, anytime. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for maintenance.


From 93S (Boston area incl. Braintree) travel south to 95S (exit 1A) toward Rhode Island. Take exit 9 (route 1S) off of 95S. At the first traffic light, take a right onto Common st. Follow Common st. to Rt 1A. also Main st. (set of lights). Take a left onto 1A(Main st) and follow it for approximately 4.4 miles until you reach Industrial rd. Take a left at Industrial rd. and the first left onto Production rd. Drive to the end of the street. Our building is the last one of the left. It is new enough that Google maps does not show it and will indicate that you have arrived three buildings early. Notice the map marker indicates a longer street. It is now longer as there is a new building on it. We are unit number B. Feel free to park out front, or in the rear.

From 495N, take exit 14A (Route1 North toward Wrentham). Follow 1N for approximately 3 miles until you reach Main st. Turn slight right onto Main and sharp left onto 140N. At the fork in the road, turn right onto 115N.  Go approximately .9 miles and then turn right onto Valley st. Approximately .4 miles later turn right onto Route 1A north.  Follow 1A north for 2.2 miles until you reach Industrial road(on the right). Turn right onto Industrial rd. and then left onto production rd. Drive to the end of the street. Our building is on the left. Unit B.


There arent a lot of options after Walpole center. However, there is a commuter rail line (Franklin line) which will bring you to the center (Walpole station). There is also a bus (34E) from Forest Hills station(orange line) via the Dedham mall which also stops in Walpole center. Either T route you take, will bring you within 2 miles of the shop….so its Uber, Lyft or we can also pick you up with some notice.

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